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In fact, Helen Bondoc had no idea that her gorgeous 30-year-old daughter was even getting married.

in December 2011, but she left the show in late 2012 to have a baby and was replaced by Jill Wagner.

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"I had Camden give a gift to Brooklyn — we laid out three stuffed animals, we said, ' Which one do you want to pick for Brooklyn? ' and so he picked the little giraffe." For his part, the former boy-bander believes fatherhood has changed his life for the better. You would do anything for your children — not that you wouldn’t for your wife or someone else you love, but there’s a sense of protectiveness and responsibility that comes with your child, which you don’t feel in any other relationship,” he told the Huffington Post in July 2013.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have another baby on the way!

#Lachey Party Of5.” The former TRL host, 36, revealed back in September that she and Nick, 43, were expanding their family.

She shared an Instagram pic of her brood standing in front of their new home.

Above the group shot is a headline: "We got a new crib! " During a May 2015 interview with Us Weekly, the TV personality opened up about the joys of parenthood and watching her kids interact.

"When I introduced Camden to Brooklyn, I had my doctor give me some tips," Vanessa told Us at the time.Her parents divorced in 1986 and they each remarried.Helen Bondoc, Minnillo’s mother has reportedly been estranged from her daughter since she was a young girl.The 33-year-old brunette beauty was vocal about her struggle in her first few months of motherhood in an in depth blog post titled "Inside Story: My Experience with Baby Blues" published on March 6, 2013."My wife's maternal side is a new dynamic to her personality," Lachey told Parents magazine in June. "I knew the man I was going to marry was not only a great man, a good friend, and a family guy, but he was going to respect and treat me well and be an amazing father and role model to our children. The two first starting dating in 2006 after Minnillo starred in Lachey’s music video for "What's Left of Me." The track's lyrics were reportedly about his divorce from ex-wife Jessica Simpson. 2 announcement comes one week after Simpson tied the knot to longtime partner and father of her two children, Eric Johnson.“The whole daddy’s-girl thing, she’s already got me hook, line and sinker,” adds Lachey, who is working with the brand on the gift guide, an annual shopping resource for those who know and love children with special needs.

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