Who is pau gasol dating

He left the Laker after four great, incredible seasons.

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He currently holds the Grizzlies' franchise record for free throws made and attempted.

Alongside the seven seasons with the team, Gasol has played for the Los Angeles Lakers (from 2008), the Chicago Bulls (from 2014), and the San Antonio Spurs (from 2016).

He is the older brother of fellow NBA player Marc Gasol.

Gasol was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the third overall pick in the first round of the 2001 NBA draft, but his rights were traded to Memphis.

A few years ago rumors about a possibly fling between Silvia and Pau’s former Laker teammate Kobe Bryant, Pau and Kobe laugh off the rumors and nothing was reported about matter again.

Before Gasol started dating Lopez Castro, it was rumored he dated Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataki and Serbian personality Poilanka.

Pau started his career in the NBA with the Grizzlies who traded Shareef Abdur- Rahim to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Pau who was back them selected in the first round (3rd overall) in the 2001 NBA Draft.

Gasol was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on February 1, 2008.

He was named the NBA Rookie of the Year (2002) with the Memphis Grizzlies. A kids program called “Pau’s Amigos” was sponsored by him in Memphis. During his rookie year, his parents moved to Memphis to live with him. Tennis star Fernando Vicente is one of his best friends. Pau can speak English, Spanish and Catalan languages. His Spanish-language autobiography—Gasol by Gasol— was released in April 2005.

Marc Gasol, his fellow basketball player in NBA, is his younger brother. Silvia Lopez Castro (2009 – Present) Pau Gasol and Spanish Cheerleader Silvia Lopez Castro have been dating since Sep 2009.

Additionally, something else to ponder, for what it’s worth, is this tweet from Scott and BR who form the morning team on Double X sports radio in San Diego “Kobe Bryant should be ashamed, you NEVER tell you wife your friend is cheating, especially KOBE who we all know is not an angel!

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