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I was living the life my grandfather told me, as a small child, to live: “Why get married and try to make one woman happy … You get to sit next to four incredibly accomplished women, but you’re also hosting the show in front of a live studio audience of about 200 screaming women.

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Specifically, I wanted to do an extended segment about South Sudan gaining independence. “We shouldn’t spend too much time on stories that people won’t watch,” he argued.

He attempted to placate me by explaining his philosophy this way: We have to cover the stories that get us ratings, and then, get in a story like South Sudan wherever we can. We sat at a great table situated on the corner of 3rd Avenue in Manhattan.

I’ve discovered on the show what is also true in my personal experience: women want to hear from guys.

I literally get calls, text messages, emails, and even tweets from female friends, colleagues, and strangers every week and sometimes everyday wanting a male perspective about something. Women want a male opinion, and it’s usually better received when it’s coming from a guy who’s not trying to sleep with them. What do you think these 700 graduates absolutely need to know before they go out into the world!?

Sabine has been in front of the TV the past half hour watching “The Bible” miniseries on Blu Ray.

I was part of a delegation attending an international summit in Tanzania when I first met President Kikwete. During a conversation with the president, the question came up about the limited coverage we (CNN & Western media) dedicate to what’s happening in Africa.

The weather has been beautiful lately in NYC and lends itself to dining alfresco. Well, last night, at the end of the night, I took my date home. ” The fact that many men don’t last long during intercourse isn’t necessarily worthy of a breaking news alert.

A night out at one of my favorite restaurants was in order. Took her home, changed her diaper, put diaper rash paste on her butt, put her pajamas on, read through her “My Itsy Bitsy Spider Tab Book,” and rocked her to sleep. I wrote an article a few months ago about giving up my perfectly good bachelor life. But, new analysis is shedding more light on the situation, and men’s sexual shortcomings.

READ MORE They say it takes a village to raise a child But I’ve heard and come to feel the opposite It takes a child to raise a village Young men on corners like 80’s graffiti While the cops chase artists responsible for the gritty–my bad city It’s synonymous but they don’t want pity That’s why their stare is anonymous and the air ominous Filled with broken homes and promises Cus mostly you find police chalk line Is the only time we figure a father so they figure might as well be a martyr And we fly only to crash down might as well be mortars The weight of the world is too much for our mothers Young men on corners like Thursday’s trash Waiting for government workers to pick them up READ MORE What a night! Her age, bedtime, and mood often dictate that she can’t be out so late. (English & baby babble) And, at the end of dinner, there was no awkward moment over who would pay the bill.

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