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She wrote to Sexwale’s lawyer, Billy Gundelfinger, on Thursday , requesting copies of the offensive material, that their appointed forensic IT expert be given access to all computers linked to Sexwale family computer server or office server and that they confirm in writing that Sexwale would not further disseminate or attempt to publish any of the allegations or evidence.

FIFA presidential hopeful Tokyo Sexwale said at the weekend it was high time Africa takes the reins at the world football governing body and fixes the "heartbroken" game.

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Sexwale, who is locked in a bitter divorce from his wife of 20 years, is alleged to have phoned a family friend of Judy accusing her and a former security guard of using hardcore pornography.

On Friday, Sexwale is said to have repeated the story to a second family friend – this time showing him “evidence” he claimed to have found in e-mails.

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In a statement, Clark said: “As such, Mr Sexwale has left Mrs Sexwale, to her deep regret, with no choice but to approach the court for an urgent interdict to stop the further dissemination of this material and any further allegations that she has been involved in such activities.” According to the statement, Sexwale had threatened to release “evidence” because “he has been pushed too far” by Judy Sexwale.

Clark says in her statement that Sexwale told the family friend the Sunday Times had “attacked” him last weekend and that he had been “pushed too far”. “In my and Mrs Sexwale’s view, and consistent with past conduct, Mr Sexwale is trying to blackmail Mrs Sexwale and to pressurise [sic] her to back down in the divorce proceedings.

Nine leaders of FIFA have all been from one area (Europe). Africa cannot be that," he said, flanked by fellow aspirant Jerome Champagne. "The brand is damaged and has to be changed." Four of the five rival candidates vowing to take over the top FIFA job also attended the meeting.

"You are sending a wrong signal if certain people can be accorded leadership and others are not." The millionaire businessman, who was jailed alongside Nelson Mandela under apartheid rule, is among the candidates to replace Sepp Blatter as president of world football's governing body in next February's elections. Sexwale has previously vowed to clean up the sport and salvage the image of FIFA, which has been dented by a string of corruption scandals. The other candidates to replace Blatter include Prince Ali bin al Hussein of Jordan, UEFA general-secretary Gianni Infantino, Asian football head Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa of Bahrain and Champagne, a former assistant general secretary of FIFA.

“Mr Sexwale apparently wants his wife to relinquish her patrimonial claims and to stop any further scrutiny of the two trusts in which all the parties’ assets are housed,” Clark’s statement reads.

The lawyer said Judy Sexwale had never been involved in creating or disseminating pornography of any sort.

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