Who is vic zhou dating

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Her family takes in Zhan Fei Tian's son Zhan Feng along with Yu Zi Han, a member of the imperial family who was born without the ability to walk.

The three grow up as martial arts students of the manor while Ruge and Zhan Feng fall in love.

The character concepts, which seem largely inspired by Zhang Yimou's Hero may not be the most original but it is certainly breathtaking, except for maybe that one poster of Vic Chou and Dilraba Dilmurat that is cringingly awkward.

The daughter is raised as Lie Ruge, the sole successor of the Liehuo Manor.

I’m also sure Reen is his style of girl, after high profile romances with Beatrice Hsu and Barbie Hsu, Zai Zai finally settled down with a girl who looks sweet as pie onscreen and is reportedly just able to get the prickly Zai Zai.

I’ve never see him look as candidly happy as he does in his wedding pics, so congrats to my man as he heads towards a lifetime of wedded bliss with my blessings.

The rumour was further reinforced when the two were spotted wearing similar necklace.

However, Vic Zhou manager was quick to disperse the rumour, and rebuffed it as a joke. The actor was involved in a long relationship with actress Barbie Hsu after starring together in the hit TV drama, "Meteor Garden".

First you buy the lady an engagement ring that doesn't really have to be super expensive.

Then you get on one knees and ask her to marry you.

Vic Zhou is nicknamed Zai Zai (仔仔) and was considered the baby of the popular Taiwanese boy band group F4.

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