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According to the last update she picked Maino as the new boyfriend. After kid, they give an impression of the loving couple.But any authentic source has not confirmed these reports. But, her split up news was not too surprising because there love story isn’t based on something so superficial as looks?“I don’t mean that in a bad way, but people don’t realize how hard I work. I am a man and a father, so I do whatever it takes to feed my kids.” The Honduras-born, Brox-bred rapper has previously done songs with Tank and Kevin Gates, but he recently connected with Tory Lanez in Miami for “Celine.” He said that he connected with Lanes in Miami, coming up with the idea and recording the song within 24 hours. But by the summertime, we’re out of here,” he said.

Who lil kim dating now

At same time media also got indications of her back together with an ex.

But still, everyone is waiting for an official confirmation.

“Before [dating Kim] I was the man, and after that situation, I’m the man.

Before anybody, not just particularly my baby’s moms,” he said.

She captions the first photo, “I’m so proud of you baby!!! This must be proof that the two are, indeed, dating!

Or this is just another instance of Lil’ Kim supporting up-and-coming artists from Brooklyn.

But what’s truly strange is that there has never been an indicator the two were hooking up. Although age is just a number, the two don’t exactly have the same friends.

And it definitely looks like something is going on.

Papers is largely known as Lil Kim’s former flame and the father of their child, but with a new club-ready song with Tory Lanez called “Celine,” he’s planning to remind music fans that he’s not just a celebrity also-ran.

Within a few bars of his new club-ready cut, he chides listeners for “asking all these questions about my baby mama.” And in a new interview with Hip Hop DX, he elaborates.

Till no one can assure Lil Kim has married plan with him.

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