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It is healthy for a W to walk every grief stage completely, so the last thing you want to do is to stand between he and his grief work.

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Though these episodes apepar to come out of nowhere, there are usually signs: Holidays and death anniversaries are common grief triggers.

The magnitude of what he is feeling is just as confounding to him as it is to you.

Meantime, try not to take his behaviour personally.

I know this sounds odd since you probably feel like the target of his angst, but please understand that a lot of his feelings are subconscious in nature (he can't help it) and perfectly normal for every W.

That guilt also includes feeling as if he is betraying his LW by loving again.

Oddly enough, though he wants his family/friends to accept the GOW, he wonders why they have "forgotten" LW by doing so!

The best thing you and W can do from this point forward is to really learn how to communicate effectively..often.

Although I caution GOWs NOT to play the grief counsellor, there are things you CAN do to bring grief to the surface.

There are many books on grief that you may want to read, as recognizing the stages will put your mind at ease quite a bit.

Just remember that this is part & parcel of Loving A Widower….

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