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Now seriously, pass the bowl.""Hahaha, remember Sublime?

popped up periodically and delivered some strong sketches, most post-Chapelle sketch shows lacked the point of view necessary to sustain a great show in the long run.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. All you have to do is get on here and IM why pay?!?!?! No - IM to make a date - with a real live man and have sex with him - get how that works? Women do that on here as well - it's called intimate encounter. Having to give an explanation as to why, seems pretty damn pointless to me. Ab qt - Men have reasons for paying for sex with a woman, why shouldn't women have any? Surely, if sex is all that is wanted you pay for that deal? but just the fact that you pay the guy to f*** you deprives him of a lot of masculinity (what a funny word heh) so I don't think it would ever be fun.. I can and have gone without sex by choice for long periods of time.

I think that anyone can get sex for free, however, it might be a case of lower your standards (this person may not be the hottest lookin' person out there ). Nicemale...there is a thread about women prostitution..need to change this one...thank you..the rules on hijacking threads! ..pay them not to come back for more, not to get emotionally attached..just walk away...no? if I don't get sex, it's out my own choice (no matter how much it hurts lol )If I had to... When it comes to a time, where i can't get a man, then so be it, i still wouldn't pay.

I think it's far easier for women to get sex free than it is for men.

Not all men, but a lot of guys, if they got it offered on a plate, then not so many would turn it down.

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But some women wouldn't have sex with a guy if she didn't fully like him, i know i couldn't.

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