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wow not updating 5 2-69

I will post pic's of the various stages of his healing.

Sqippa, He used to pop them out himself when he was younger, but as he's got older and they have started to grow bigger and therefore he hasn't been in as much/ any work, they've been clinging on .

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They have been left as long as they have under vets guidance so that when this procedure was carried out they only had to remove the necks, so to reduce the amount of skin removed.

Before, after being washed down: And this afternoon: I've only posted them incase anyones horse has sarcoids and is interested. Seen a big sarciod on the eye of a horse at college but nothing like this.

I personally think the vets in Newmarket have done a great job considering this was done under LA and sedation. Even if its not relevant at the moment its always good to see things like this for experience so thanks for posting!

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