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( as an example IT lab computers, Office Computers … ) Its very messy when you can see all computers inside the unassigned group like below showed now let me show you how to create computer groups and add computers to groups after Go to Option and select computers after click on computers computer options will pop out select the Use the Update Service Console to Assign computers to groups.( in here I will use service console to go ahead with this post ) click ok button after navigate to computers and select computers expand it, you will see there are two computer groups inside computers they are “all computers” and “unassigned computers” groups. now right click on all computers and select “Add computer Group” or go to action menu after selecting computers and select “Add computer Group” menu item.

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Goal: To create computer target groups and establish membership of computers managed by the update server within those target groups.

Context of Use: The use case is initiated when the WSUS administrator wants to do the following: For example, it is typical for the WSUS administrator to create separate groups for desktop computers and servers because these classes of computers have very different update requirements.

I get the message saying "INFO: Successfully updated the Group membership tables for group..." but nothing appears in the console even after running a full collection membership update.

It only seems to be a couple of groups where there is an issue. We have delta enabled to run every 5 minutes once, but only a full discovery is solving this.

I have compared these groups against working groups and everything looks identical in their configuration.

Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas what may be going on please? LOG i could see its processing, but there is no security group information in the machine properties. Open WSUS with privileged user account go to computers and expand it, inside the unassigned computers group you can see all the computers.when you are working for a company or when you are working handy it is easy to manage the updating process of the WSUS related computers if you can group them according to their departments or whatever factor.Similarly, it is common for the administrator to create a test group for a representative set of computers.The administrator uses such a group to test the effects of updates and ensure normal operation before the update is rolled out generally.One of the endearing and annoying features of this ubiquitous OS is the monthly patch update process. It just kind of works in the background when you're not looking. I'll install the updates on a non-critical server during the week to test them. But for the workstations it does a pretty good job - most of the time.

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