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Since then, I have noticed the similarity of this development and the beginning of the internet.

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Most recently, I have added an index for the Kenya Project and an index for a lovely set of small abstract windows for a church in Germany. Mouse over a thumbnail, you see an image on the screen, click on the thumbnail and you will be taken to that project.

This is a short film from old video material that I had about the Queen’s Park Synagogue.

advised me on which Estates should be recorded and introduced me to their owners.

In 30 years of painting and drawing I cannot remember enjoying a project more than this." Jonathan Warrender In this delightful series his mastery of perspective makes dynamic use of roads, paths and. the corridors between the vines, as lines of force, centering on the focal point, in most cases, of Chateaux as charmingly individual architecturally as the noble wines produced in their name.

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These are relief sculpted panels made entirely of Bullseye Glass, there is no painting involved.

This is a method I have been developing over the last years and has been the approach used in the Kericho Panels.

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With his ink and wash drawings, Jonathan Warrender has a reputation as one of the leading painters of the landscape, reinvigorating an art with a history in Europe dating back to the 16th century.

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