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You haven't mentioned needing this, so I'd turn it off.

xbmc library not updating-19

This file is what tells XBMC where to look for future movie/TV updates. How to get XBMC to rehash all of your thumbnail files so that they still work with the new file locations.

The reason this does not work automatically is that XBMC creates cached thumbnails based on the full path to the movie location.

No need to really mention nzb To Media as this will most probably just confuse the issue.

It’s fairly common that for one reason or another, xbmc users need to move their video library from one location to another.

Perhaps you’ve been using a single 1TB drive for your library, you’ve filled it up and upgraded to a 3TB drive and need to update the path for every movie and TV show to point to the new drive.

Or, in my case, you’ve been using windows samba-based streaming and want to move to the much more efficient NFS streaming protocol (see the comparison detailed in this post).

How can easily update the rest of the movie folders with an nfo update only (if possible)? Just enable "Generate Kodi/XBMC compatible metadata" (Application-S&P-Metadata), then a Kodi/XBMC tab will appear, select version and personal preferences.

I have Media Browser and XMBC selection in options. After you have set your options right click the media that need updating and select export other metadata format or go to "Tools" menu and select create external metadata for all titles. I had XMBC/Kodi enabled and XMBC section ready to go. My structure is I listed the high end folder name (new movies| dates | movie folder | mkv files and metadata. File_Names)Example "New Movies" would be a scan folder not a movie called "New Movies" as MCM sees it.

Example of generic scan folder (\WHS2011-HOME\Videos\Kids-Animation) MCM only sees two media folders Your structure is mixed.

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