Free chat whith naked girls - Xbox 360 not updating video library

You can Refresh or Scan libraries to bring them up-to-date.

Scanning and Refreshing a library do different things.

: A “Refresh All Metadata” is really just a specific version of a Refresh in which the refresh is applied to an entire library.

A library Scan typically needs to happen every time you add or remove media files, and so it’s useful to be automated.

You can think of refreshing as “update metadata for the requested item even if it already has some”.

You should refresh a library or individual item if: Tip!

Scanning and refreshing a library both have to do with getting content into the library. Scanning a library makes the Plex Media Server check its folders and sub-folders for new or removed media.

If it finds new or unmatched media, it then pulls it into the library and fetches metadata for it.

The behavior can also vary depending on whether or not the menu for the library in the left sidebar. Note that Refreshing an entire library can take a lot of time to complete.

Related Page: Library Actions It’s possible to Refresh specific items.

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