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That’s what made his band the Fall so special—it led, it never followed, even if it was just Smith and “your granny on bongos.” Among the more interesting questions came in 1981, when the NME asked Smith for a list of his favorite things. Mc Culloch (a weekly serial) True Crime Monthly Private Eye Fibs About M. ’77 COMEDIANS Lenny Bruce Alan Pellay Bernard Manning All Ian Curtis derivatives FILMS Polanski’s Macbeth Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety Fellini’s Roma The Man with X-Ray Eyes and The Lost Weekend starring Ray Milland Visconti’s The Damned Days of Wine and Roses with Jack Lemmon Charlie Bubbles with Albert Finney TV Bluey John Cleese adverts MUSIC Take No Prisoners—Lou Reed Peter Hammill Johnny Cash The Panther Burns God Save the Queen—The Sex Pistols Raw and Alive—The Seeds Pebbles Vol.The list was for the paper’s column “Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer” which centered around the idea the way to the heart of artist was through the food their brains consumed. 3—Various 16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits A few months ago, I told you about the Cedar Crest Country Club and the importance it played within DC’s skate punk scene.Together Giraud and Druillet joined forces with author Jean-Pierre Dionnet, and with the help of financial whiz Bernard Farkas, the quad would become known as “Les Humanoides Associés” or the United Humanoids.

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I’ve posted an array of Voss’ work including his dubious punk rock character Heilman which you must see to believe. Welcome to the miniature world of Frank Kunert, where everything is a little topsy-turvy and nothing is ever quite as it seems like a stairlift that can fire its unlucky occupant out of a window like Mrs Deagle in or a funeral plot disguised as a bedroom for two eternal lovers.

Kunert’s handcrafted miniature models are inspired by the history found in the “decayed facades of suburban houses” of his hometown of Frankfurt.

The article, set to describe the skate vibe of the nation’s capital, characterizes Ian not as a hardcore punk legend, but rather as a DC kid who lives to skateboard.

The young Mac Kaye was a member of ragtag boarding crew Team Sahara, along with another punk forefather, Henry Garfield (now known as “Henry Rollins”).

Aussie rock leviathans AC/DC have been a band (in one form or another) since their formation in 1973 by the recently departed Malcolm Young and his younger brother Angus in Sydney.

The band were pretty popular in Australia, even in their earliest days and would make their way to the U. for the first time in the summer of 1977 to play a series of gigs at the famous Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas at the behest of promoter Jack Orbin.

Alain Voss was among Métal Hurlant’s well-chosen, visionary artists.

Voss’ work has also appeared on various hard-to-find French record sleeves, as well as a series of Brazilian compilation albums with inspired psychedelic covers from the early 1970s which are quite collectible.

For it is precisely when they’re writing advertisements that people try their hardest to make language excite great expectations.

The question is always: what would the writer or the speaker like to say, and what does the reader or the listener actually hear? And though the titles of my pictures don’t actually lie, they can nevertheless be somewhat misleading.

Ian’s piece is a nice little snapshot of the spirit of skate culture during the era; his feature goes on to describe the team’s favorite ramps, a legendary wipeout by Rollins, their first empty pool, and an infamous team session at the Annandale halfpipe.

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