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"Mmm, I love you too son," she squealed with delight.

As David hesitated, his dick poised outside the entranceway to her anal canal, Hannah reached around and grabbing his cock pushed it inside her.

Finally she reached over and grabbed his cock herself.

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Thus, the came about a few years later when Jeff was asked by a customer to build a 2,500 gallon trailer because he was dissatisfied with those currently on the market.

The Cart is now offered in both 1,600 and 2,550 gallon models with multiple steering options.

She teased him at first, sitting in his lap only to get up and walk away, and pretending to slide down her panties only to pull them up at the last minute.

She pushed her breasts up just high enough to lick her own nipple.

Today, Precision Fabrication continues to serve that passion with through its mission to aid farmers.

In the early 2000s, Jeff became disappointed with the lack of products on the market that allowed farmers to place liquid fertilizer near the row when planting.

During the 1950s, Jeff's father James (Jim) Garman designed and patented an articulated tractor hitch that allowed two to three identical tractors to be coupled together with the front axles removed.

This gave a farmer more than twice the pulling power that one tractor offered, while still controlling from the operator’s station on only one of the tractors.

"It's not over," David said, turning around and peeling off his boxers at the hips.

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