Yoga and dating Adultchatlive asia

Now's the time to pull out those old dancing shoes from the cupboard, hit the local pool or tune up that dusty guitar.Immerse yourself in an activity that left your mum screaming that dinner was on the table!

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Go for a run, dance, join one of the many gym boxes that have opened up or attend a yoga class.

There are many channels to help you get back into shape.

By doing them, we ignite a part of our brain that relates to a time in our life when we were relatively carefree.

Back then we didn't have to worry about finding the right job, paying our home loan or getting over a recent addition to our list of exes.

Resist the temptation to reach out to alcohol, drugs or any other numbing substances that will only suppress your emotions.

Society has taught us that sadness and tears equate to weakness, but this is a lie.

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The key to a successful relationship is compatibility before commitment, and before you get very clear about what it is that you desire in your next relationship, you are likely to fall into the same pattern of your past failed ones.

Can you trust that there is a purpose to all these traumatic events in your life?

Saying things to your supposed loved one that afterwards left you thinking, "What the fuck did I just say?

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