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The Canadian and UK premieres were also in the same two-hour extended format: in Canada, the series began airing on Slice on June 26, 2011, and in the UK, the series began airing on Sky One on July 14, 2011.

Damian Mc Ginty and Samuel Larsen were both proclaimed the winners of the first season, each winning a seven-episode arc.

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Note: All previously eliminated contestants made cameo appearances in the music video.

The eliminated contestants also sang backup for the homework assignment.

A second season aired in the US from June 5 to August 14, 2012.

In July 2013, it was announced that The Glee Project would not return for a third season.

Unlike most reality competition shows, contestants are not directly informed of their elimination, nor must they wait for extended tension-filled pauses to hear the results one by one.

Rather, the bottom three are notified when "the list is up" and discover their fate as they find their name on the list.They are complemented on their performances and immediately called back.Then the remaining ones are critiqued by Robert Ulrich and Zach Woodlee, and also in the second season by Nikki Anders, about their performances. 8 of the first season.) Then the bottom three contestants are revealed as others are added to the callback list.They are then each assigned a different song that they will perform in hopes of being "saved".During season 1, Nikki visited each of the bottom in their dressing/rehearsal room to provide last minute feedback and a pep talk.Larsen debuted on Glee in the thirteenth episode, "Heart", as a transfer student named Joe Hart, also appearing beyond his original seven-episode stint.

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